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“Took our three children and have to admit was not expecting a lot. How wrong was I, all I can say is just go and have a brilliant night. The performers are very skilled and there really are edge of your seat moments. The staff are very courteous and I got the feeling that everyone involved enjoyed what they did and were having a good time too. 10/10”

Kelv & Trace, Yeovil

“We come as a family every year and it must gets better and better every year … even tho we think we know what’s coming … it still takes our breath away  …  as a big fan of the circus ..I have to say this is the best show I have ever seen … we all left the show shaking with adrenaline …. worth every penny  …. and there’s nothing else like it !!!!”

Tracy, Bodmin

“Dazzling performance by truly talented artists. One of the best things to come to Cornwall.”

Kirstie, St Austell

Thank you so much for an awesome show today. My little boys love it so much and you guys have improved every year that you come back. Fantastic performance from all at Funtasia. You can really feel the joy and excitement from all who attend and also how you guys are really a very special family. Thank you again for the magic and beauty of the circus.”

Paul, Wadebridge

“I am a huge fan of the Circus Funtasia ! It turns out I went 3 years ago .. and it is still breath taking, more people need to appreciate that what these people no family do is incredible and inspiring .Growing up I have always loved the idea of the Circus even though I cannot perform I can watch and that something I am proud of…”

Leah, Swinton

“Really brilliant show all the family loved it.”

Lynn, Winsford

“What a great show we had a brilliant time and all the kids loved it my daughter dose gymnastics and now wants to join the circus when she is old (We said we should do our own circus as we have 6 kids) thanks for a great time the Martin family xxx”

Michelle, Winsford

“Absolutely loved the show! My 1 year old and my 4 year old whooped and gasped all throughout the night. It was exciting and funny and quite nail biting at times!!
I love how all the staff and cast are really approachable and friendly. They made my son’s day with their little extras like giving him a high 5 and letting him having his photo taken with some of the performers. It was a fantastic opening night!! Circus Funtasia is our favourite circus by far!!! You are second to none!!”

Julie, Middlewich

“Thank you for putting on a brilliant show. The whole family really enjoyed it. Thanks also for your appreciation of the emergency services.
10/10 excellent.”

Ste, Warrington

“Guys what a show again second year running loved it all but how much effort goes in to the shows is unbelievable from putting up big top to making the popcorn you all work so hard and give a fantastic show you guys are the best you all deserve a medal for great entertainment and hard work”

Gareth, Cannock

“Absolutely spectacular show!! Me and two son’s came to your show last night it was so amazing and magical we loved it!!…such talented people thank you for an amazing night xo”

Kelsey, Wythenshawe

“Thank you so much for the great memories you have given to my grandchildren!”

S. Herbert, Wythenshawe

“I have never seen anything like it before… We also loved both of the aerial acts, which were simply mesmerising. They glided through the air with incredible grace.”

Lydia, Manchester Mums (read the rest of the review here:

” My son watching it with a smile on his face. My daughter was excited and reacted really happily for what she saw on the stage. I was both happy and sometimes scared. For my kids it has been the first time in the circus and they are enchanted by the show.”

Aleksandra, Wythenshawe

“Absolutely brilliant… we couldn’t believe the skill of the performers”

Claire, Play & Adventure Blog (read the rest of the review here:

“Wow! Truly fantastic! My daughter has been asking to go to the circus for 2 years and I’m so happy I picked this one! Talented performers, comedy and brilliance! I think we experienced every emotion! Amazement, wonder, shock! Fear! Also a brilliant image to promote to our children, healthy looking talented people bringing joy and inspiration , as opposed to the waifs we are littered with daily! So happy we came, thank you.”



“Your show was just amazing!!! My children loved it and so did I. Thanks again for a great afternoon.”

Sarah, Bodmin

“It was brilliant last year and even better this year. My heart was in my mouth in that act especially.”

Heather, Bodmin

“FANTASTIC! We’ve never been to a circus before but are so so glad we did as had the best night! I would recommend this to anyone and all ages.”

NL, Penzance

“Loved it…  laughed loads! So did the children. Its the first clown ever we thought that was really funny! Great evening!”

Jo, Wadebridge

“What a fantastic time me and my three grand children had really amazing experience. I have wanted to see this circus for the last couple of years but never got round to it. We need to support this kind of circus be gore it’s gone forever.”

Deb, Yate

“Incredible, never seen anything like the globe of death? The whole show is great entertainment :-)”

Dave, Crewe

“Brilliant, magical, spectacular show a must see…..”

Jemma, Crewe

“The best day out ever.
Fun Thrills and spills.
The finale is truly amazing.
and value second to none.
A must visit for all !!!!!!!!!”

Florence, Swinton

“What can I say, absolutely fantastic!  One that I would recommend every one to visit. I visited with my three children and they were amazed by the talent and skills of all your performers, who were brilliant throughout may I add! The show is perfect for all ages. I will be returning with my girlfriend! 🤡 Thanks for a fantastic evening 👏👍👍👍”

Conrad, Aldridge

“Circus Funtasia was thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end! The acts were exciting, we loved every minute. The atmosphere was electric and I would recommend to everyone to go! Thanks to all the performers and staff for providing my family with a magical experience!”

JG, Warrington

“Every act was brilliant and all the families visiting will enjoy this display of fun, bravery, beautiful artistry and talent.
My nephew who is 8 thought it was amazing and wanted to go back for the second show of the day.
Very friendly team and made everyone welcome.
We will definitely return in 2018 if you are back.”

Adele, Warrington

“I can honestly say I could not find fault in any act, each was as amazing as the next. The kids sat watching totally mesmerised… Fantastic! And well done even in the challenging conditions of a wet April 1st afternoon.”

Rob, Wrexham

“Absolutely fantastic! The BEST circus I have ever been to! I visited without children and the acts were brilliant! Perfect for all ages. I hope you come back again! 🤡 Thanks for a great evening 👏👏”

RS, Scunthorpe

“We were on the edge of our seats throughout. Time flew by and we clapped, cheered and laughed our way through. The strength and skills of the performers is breathtaking and we would recommend all families.”

Hannah Gregory, Wythenshawe (read the rest of Hannah’s review on her blog Not Just Rita’s Mother)

 “A HUGE thank you! What a truly awesome evening we had tonight! Everyone was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Come back soon!”

Andy, Telford

“Each of the acts seemed to be designed to shock, awe or prompt laughter (and some managed all three)”

Jem, Telford (read the rest of Jem’s review here)

“Circus Funtasia tout themselves as being a modern circus… but they have kept their traditional charm too, and this is still very much an old-skool,wholesome, super-family-friendly afternoon out. I cannot extol enough how much our kids loved it; aged three and just one and they sat ensconced for the duration.”

Rainy City Kids, Wythenshawe (read the rest of their blog post here)

“Fantastic time at the circus this evening. The show was perfect! Thank you for a great evening!”
SM, Swindon

“Just got back from your show at The Oasis Leisure centre in Swindon. What a fantastic couple of hours entertainment. The effort and sheer hard work that goes into it is incredible. We really enjoyed it, and the grand finale with the motorbikes had us on the edge of our seats. Thank you so much.”
BB, Swindon

“An hour and 45 minutes of almost non-stop energetic activity – and we were dazzled.”

Angela Atkinson, Swindon (read the rest of Angela’s review on her blog, Born Again Swindonian)

Thank you circus funtasia for an absolutely fab show.
Loved it from start to finish and looking forward to seeing you back again soon.
Stunning show and huge credit to all involved.
See you soon 

MF, Yeovil

“Fantastic show today, Funtasia!”
VD, Manchester

“Absolutely Brilliant Show!!! Loved every minute of it!👌
TD, Bude 

Circus Funtasia entertained and captivated my wriggly toddler for two whole hours (the longest she has ever sat still!), and also left me and my friends with big smiles of amazement on our faces. We can honestly say it was a magical, enchanting night and was everything I’d ever expected a circus to be and more.”

Chloe, Hayle (read the rest of Chloe’s review on her blog, A Life Unexpected)

“Fantastic show we fell in love with Emilion!”
KR, Salford

“Just to say we enjoy all your shows. Me and my son who’s 8 really enjoyed it. Well done to you all. You were all amazing what a great job you all do. Well done!”
LM, Winsford

“A great show with highly skilled performers. Well worth experiencing.”
CK, Burnley

“You all were fantastic!! Brilliant show, well done everyone! “
LP, Burnley

“Thank you soo much for a wonderful show my kids and me was amazed u even chose my dad to take part loved it hope u come back to Burnley next year!!”
SM, Burnley

“Fantastic show tonight kids loved it I loved it more :0)”
AC, Burnley

“Me. my husband and our sons came to see you today,what a fantastic day we had,our boys loved it and was amazed by all your performances we would like to come and see you again”
RC, Bury

“A fantastic show that my grandchildren loved. Thank you for coming to Oldham”
JC, Oldham

“Fantastic show me and the family really enjoyed it”
JW, Bude

“Best circus I have ever watched it was amazing and had everything and more you could wish to see . Would recommend it to everyone x🎩 hats of to you guys x”
MH, Yeovil

“Well done on a fantastic show. The kids loved it, and you’re all so obviously skilled in your craft/s. We look forward to seeing you again some time :)”
CO, Oldham

“Circus Funtasia provided more fun and laughs than I think I have had in the last 10 years. It was fantastic from beginning to end. I can’t wait for you to come back next year!”
MW, Blackburn


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