Roll up, roll up! Get ready to get thrilled.

Our brand new 2017 show is modern, fast paced, with state of the art lighting and an up to date soundtrack. Featuring death defying motorbike globe riders, heart-stopping roller skaters, dynamic juggling, aerialists, acrobats, tight rope walking, non-stop comedy, and much much more!

1 hr and 45 mins of pure escapism, it doesn’t matter if you’re 5 or 95 this show won’t disappoint!

If you are ready to escape with the magic of Circus, check where our big top is this week. With accessible prices and comfortable seats for all the family we are just a phone call away!


Anthony Lefort is a charming young French artist full of sensitivity and personality, who will lead you through the show with connected gags, and amaze you with his unique burlesque plates act, where the impossible becomes possible! His humour has already reached a wide range of audience, both in circus shows and Cabaret festivals, making him one of the best visual comedy clowns on the scene!


Vesco, Malin, Dimitar and Ivan form a troupe of exceptional thrill seeking motorbike riders. There is no reason to think that riding their bikes at super speed inside a 5 meter high metal sphere is easy, but we challenge you to keep your eyes open while they are crossing over, and looping around each others path. It is reasonable to understand why their act is called “The Globe of Death”. The Globe of Death is an extreme show of motorcycles moving around inside a metal sphere weighing three tons, at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. The Globe is specially designed and made by Ivan Ivanov (pilot) with several years of Globe experience. Malin Yovov, Dimitar Finov, and Vesko Leseva are the other members of the group with extensive experience in Motorsport. Full concentration, dedication and respect is the formula for success in every show.



Miguel and Alicia, coming from 4th generation of Circus family, are known in Spain from their parents flying trapeze act. They started training in rollerskating at very young age, and their skating act has now reached the point of quality perfection. This duo is well known all around Europe, including Germany, France, Sweden and many more countries. This season Duo Peris are excited to bring their act to a UK audience, and proudly perform at Circus Funtasia!


Stefan and Neli, a married couple from Bulgaria, form a well known duo among UK circuses, and have been performing in Great Britain for 12 years so far! Stefan’s background is from acrobatic world competitions, for which he achieved several Gold medals. His wife Neli was a nurse, but after intense training and devotion to the arts of circus, is now a unique and talented performer.


Elodie Rech is the daughter of one of the most prestigious families of French circus, going back for 5 generations. Since she was very young she has trained in numerous disciplines, and debuted in the ring at the age of 4 with her father and her uncle, as part of one the most famous clowning trio in Europe, “Les Kino’s”. During her circus career Elodie has perfected many different acts, which she presents with grace and talent. This year, exclusively for Circus Funtasia, she will amaze you with a breathtaking tight wire and hula hoop act.


Nia Nikolova Jones, daughter of the directors and first generation of circus family, is the youngest juggler in the UK with her own act! Nia is a huge suicide squad fan and loves her role as Harley Quinn. This years act is modern and fast paced as Nia juggles and rides on a “SEGWAY”  she is only the second person  in Europe to do so.  This promising, beautiful, and talented young teenager leaves the audience on the edge of their seats, while inspiring the younger generation to approach the juggling arts with a touch of modern inspiration and contemporary soundtracks!


Julio Nikolov and Tracy Jones founded Circus Funtasia in January 2013. It is a brand new and exciting venture for them. They have both managed shows for 12 years and thought that it was time to create their own show to take on the road. They say that it is scariest thing that they have ever done but that now they are the happiest that they have ever been.

They would like to thank all the artistes and staff for making Circus Funtasia’s first few years so special. Everybody has worked so hard, shown dedication and always maintained a positive attitude. This has all helped to create a show with incredible energy that has provided entertainment wherever it has been.

Stephen Harrison (Barbie) while designing and creating some of the costumes for the performers, he also helps with the day to day running of the show!

Alexandra Velikova, a family friend and an amazing dancer, artiste, and photographer, is also a top class choreographer, who choreographs our opening and finale. She also ensures the whole show runs immaculately, even down to the lights and music. We can’t thank her enough! Check out her Facebook page to see her amazing  pics. Clicky McGhees

nias photo

Finally Julio and Tracy would like to extend a special thank you to our  family and friends for believing in us. “Build it and they will come” you said, how right  you were!😀🎪